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Series WM
Wafer Turbine Flow Meter

Body & Rotor Vanes - 316 Stainless Steel
Rotor - 416 Stainless Steel
Shaft & Sleeve Bearing - Tungsten Carbide

Turbines, Inc. offers a line of Wafer Turbine Flow Meters that are designed to measure fluid flow. These Wafer Meters can be easily placed between two flanges on pipeline and secured with threaded bolts, nuts and washers that connect the meter firmly into the line. Each meter is calibrated at the factory with water and has it's own specific K-Factor.

Series FM0208
Flow Monitor

Flow Monitor

Turbines, Inc. also offers Flow Monitors for our Wafer Turbine Meters. The monitor displays flow rate and has a reset totalizer in a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure. The monitor is factory calibrated for the K-Factor of the meter it is shipped with. This monitor is offered in a meter-mounted version as well as a remote mount style. The monitor can be calibrated in U.S. Gallons, 42 Gallon Barrels, Cubic Meters, Liters and other units of measure upon request.

Series WM
Wafer Turbine Meter Repair Kits

Turbines, Inc. has repair kits for our WM Series Wafer Turbine Meters. These kits also fit other wafer style flow meters of similar design. These replacement parts are designed to give optimum performance for longer and more cost-effective operation. These kits, which include the rotor, rotor vane supports and snap rings, are designed for easy replacement in the field and each kit is calibrated with its own K-Factor.

Series TM, FM & TK

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