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Series TM
Turbine Flow Meter

Accuracy - +/- 1% of reading
Body & Rotor Supports - 316 Stainless Steel
Rotor - 416 Stainless Steel
Shaft & Sleeve Bearings - Tungsten Carbide

Turbines, Inc. offers a full line of fluid flow meters ranging in size from .3-3 GPM to 500-5,000 GPM. The TM series flow meter was initially designed for salt water injection, but will perform in a variety of industrial applications, (up to 150 centipoise with recalibration). These meters utilize magnetic pick-ups for accurate flow measurement. As the in-line 416 stainless steel rotor rotates, due to fluid passing through it, the magnetic pick-up senses each blade during its rotation and creates a pulse. The number of pulses is known as the K-Factor and is calculated per unit of fluid. Each meter has its own specific K-Factor.

Series FM208
Flow Monitor

Flow Monitor

Turbines, Inc. also offers a Flow Monitor for our Turbine Meters. The monitor displays flow rate and has a reset totalizer in a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure. The monitor is battery powered, eliminating the need for an alternate power source. The monitor is calibrated at the factory for the K-Factor of the meter it is shipped with. For example: If the Turbine Meter has a K-Factor of 850 pulses per gallon, the monitor is calibrated to display 1 gallon after it receives the 850 sine wave pulses from the Turbine Meter. It is offered in a meter mounted version as well as a remote mount. The monitor can be calibrated in U.S. Gallons, 42 Gal. Barrels, Cubic Meters, Liters, and other units of measure upon request. These units are easily field calibrated. We also offer output options for the monitor should you require them. These options require a 12-24VDC power supply.

Series TK
Turbine Repair Kits

Turbine Repair Kits

Turbines, Inc. has repair kits for our Turbine Meters and other turbine flow meters of similar design. These replacement parts give you optimum performance from your turbine meter for a longer and more cost effective operation. These kits are designed for easy replacement in the field and each kit is calibrated with its own K-Factor.

Series WM & FM

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