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Compu-Flow is a computer-based gas flow measurement system specifically designed to perform short duration production testing of shallow, "dry" gas wells. Developed by Systech and used for over 10 years, the system has been continously improved, most recently by the use of multi-variable digital transducers and pen-based computers. This allows a single transducer to measures three variables: differential, static pressure and temperature. Direct communication (no signal conversion required) between the transducer and computer is achieved. Pen-based computers provide a compact, rugged field computer with an extremely easy-to-use interface. Data entry and operation selection are straightforward, obvious and natural. Test results are available in very readable, attractive, comprehensive reports and/or PC compatible data files for import into other programs. The Compu-Flow system is provided as a service or as a system sold and supported by Systech (very competitive pricing).

Computer data acquisition systems are an expanding product. Typical systems consist of a small industrial computer (PC compatible or dedicated microcontrollers), a means of acquiring data from one or more end devices (direct communication or analog to digital conversion), a user interface (industrial display/keypad), output device (small industrial printer) and data acquisition software. Other devices incorporated into systems include card readers, voice message, touch screens and telemetry/SCADA interfaces. Successful implementations include: mass flowmeters interface for truck loading/unloading and pipeline metering applications, well injection test data logging, close chamber drill stem testing, pipeline monitoring/leak detection and gas/oil well production testing. Systems being developed include a micro-propcessor based digital pressure gauge and liquid flowmeter totalizer.

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